Crash Realty Case Study

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David Crash


Your property is in good hands...

CRASH Realty is one of the trusted names in Australia when it comes to commercial and residential real estate, as well as property management services. The agency takes pride in its professional expertise as a go-to solution for selling and leasing commercial properties.

David of CRASH Realty worked with iDashsites to boost their brand and strengthen their online presence through their custom website and set up iDashboard as its real estate CRM.

Starting off with one of our beautiful real estate website designs, the iDashsites team worked hand-in-hand with the agency in customising their website to suit their needs and brand goals, noting that their experience with iDashsites was truly easy, and the team was very helpful and responsive to their needs as a real estate agency.

The iDashsites team was able to provide a quick turn-around, whilst still allowing time to ensure design modifications were implemented correctly, and a significant amount of content could be migrated from the customer’s old website.

Overall, David was very happy and satisfied with the outcome of the project and how the iDashsites team made sure everything was made right for the agency.

iDashsites designed and launched a stunning and contemporary real estate website specific to CRASH Realty’s needs, and we can create one for your real estate agency too. We can develop a user-friendly, attractive, and functional real estate website for your agency. Reach out to us, so we can help provide you with the best online options.

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