Page Layouts

Property Gallery

Select a property gallery that is the perfect fit for your agency and photography style

Gallery Slider
idashsites-galleries-contained (1) (1)
Full Size Gallery
Gallery Pop Up

Slider Gallery

Our favourite pick, this gallery slides 3 images side to side, whilst adding your YouTube and Vimeo property videos directly into the gallery.

Contained Gallery

Our contained gallery combines a large image with classical vertical thumbnails, whilst still integrating with your property videos.

Full Screen Gallery

Have amazing photography? This gallery is for your agency, filling the screen with beautifully crisp and crystal clear imager

Pop Up Gallery

Standard on all of our galleries, visitors can click or tap images to pop up the gallery, watch your property video and browse thumbnails without distraction.

Property Search

Three layouts to suit boutique agencies, small agencies, franchises and even those who like the classics

Large search grid
Small search grid

Large Grid

Our favourite pick, showcase your properties with beautifully large photography and key details to entice visitors to tap through.

Small Grid

If you have a lot of stock, this is the layout for you. Fit more properties in per page, without compromising on detail.


A classic in real estate website design, our list layout is a compromise between the large and small grids.

Lead Forms

Convert more leads with simple forms that don’t take a visitor away from the page

Form slide out
Form popup

Slide Out

Easily accessible on any device, subtly focus the visitors intentions on the form, without completely obstructing the page.

Pop Up

Focus the visitors intentions entirely on the form, whilst still allowing the visitor to return to your property in one tap.

Content Layouts

Keep your content layouts simple, or make it rock with our built-in page editor

Website dash properties
Dash Properties website
Dash properties website

Build Your Own

Take your content layouts to the next level with our powerful built-in WordPress page builder – or sketch a layout and our team can work the magic for you.

Keep It Simple

Simple and to the point, our standard content layouts are perfect for basic blocks of text and imagery.

Make Columns

Add a little oomph! to your content with a column layout, keeping a focus on your message, whilst still engaging visitors.

Home Panels

Tailor your homepage experience with panels and widgets specific to your brand and community

Idashsites home
Home page Idashsites
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Mix 'n Match

Love a design, but see a panel on another design? Let us know, and we can mix and match your homepage.

Hundreds To Choose From

With 20 dedicated real estate widgets, and hundreds more general widgets, you have infinite options.

Hide The Unwanted

If there is a panel that doesn’t suit your needs, just let us know, and we can turn it off.

Your Branding

Your brand is one of your most important assets, that’s why we make sure the design you choose is customised to reflect your colours and brand beliefs to really make sure your new website reflects your agency.

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