e365 Real Estate Case Study

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Adapting to the changing times to provide you with the best solutions!

e365 Real Estate takes pride in building professional, productive, and lasting relationships with its clients by providing worthwhile and memorable real estate journeys for clients.

Operated by professional property marketers and selling strategists with more than 3 decades of experience in the real estate industry, e365 provides tomorrow’s buyers with today’s agents to provide clients with individual and personalised service in fulfilling their desired real estate outcomes.

To better communicate and promote their agency online, e365 Real Estate worked with iDashsites in setting up their website and integrated it with property data from their preferred CRM. With iDashsites’ brand of support, the agency was extensively supported by the design team to customise their preferences, brand goals and specific needs down to their desired details.

The web design team’s flexibility in providing practical guidance and recommendations, allowed e365 Real Estate to realise its brand’s image and services through its website.

The agency was very satisfied and happy with the overall outcome of their website and thanked iDashsites for the time, energy, and resources to help showcase their services, expertise, mission, and core business values on their website.

Just like e365 Real Estate, we can help build one for your agency.

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