N7 Real Estate Case Study

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Ahsan Qureshi

Ahsan Qureshi


I had a very excellent experience with iDashsites, Stuart had done a great job, always responsive and helping, and I strongly recommended.

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If there’s one thing you need to make your real estate business stand out from the competition, it’s your online presence and a captivating real estate website design that will help you get that desired traction in the virtual sphere.

N7 Real Estate is a high-profile agency with an impressive portfolio of medium to high-end commercial and residential properties in key development hubs throughout Australia and Dubai in the Middle East.

N7 has been the go-to agency by many of the world’s most discerning clients who wanted access to exclusive and bespoke properties. They also provide an extensive range of tailored solutions for the demanding and dynamic real estate market.

N7’s passionate team of real estate industry experts takes pride in their commitment to serve by providing clients with guidance, advice, and resources such as taking care of the end-to-end processes in selling, purchasing, leasing, and asset management, among others.

The agency acknowledged the need to enhance and upscale its online presence by partnering with iDashsites to develop a feature-rich real estate website design perfect for their brand. The iDashsites team, working on a tight timeline requested by the client, successfully migrated content from N7’s previous website and seamlessly integrating it with updated features and resources developed by us.

iDashsites created N7 Real Estate a beautiful and functional new real estate website specific to their agency’s needs, and we can create one for your real estate agency, too. Check out our real estate designs and find the perfect website solution for your agency, or learn more about how we create real estate websites for Australian agencies.

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