North Link Real Estate Case Study

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Rocco Raco


iDashSites provided an exceptional service for our logo design and webpage. We had a vague idea of what we were looking for, and what we ended up with exceeded our highest expectations. The whole process from start to finish was seamless, with quick responses and turnaround. We would highly recommend and would definitely use them again.

An industry expert with a new beginning

An exciting new boutique real estate agency in Melbourne’s northern commercial area, North Link Real Estate is an industry player that specialises in real estate sales and commercial management services and prides itself in providing the best outcomes for its clients.

Headed by veteran real estate agent Rocco Raco, North Link is regarded as a competent and dedicated real estate team with more than 30 years of professional experience in sales and commercial management to help clients ensure smooth operations and optimal returns for their property investment assets. North Link hired iDashSites to build their brand online by developing their brand, website design, content development, and more, iDashSites became their one-stop-shop to establish, promote, market, and strengthen their digital and online footprint.

The iDashSites team went above and beyond for North Link in their online and digital journey by extending full support in customising their website’s design and thematic materials, look, content, features and functionality to make it attractive and responsive to their audience.

The design for the website was tailored to appeal to the agency’s target market with iDashSites brand of SEO, content creation, website management, technical support and assistance, combined with the team’s expertise, patience, dedication, and flexibility in ensuring that the website reflects North Link’s unique brand and needs.

The North Link Real Estate team was very satisfied and happy with the outcome of their real estate website from its inception, development, design, content, and delivery, as well as the quick turnaround of the project. They were also happy to receive positive feedback and compliments on their new brand courtesy of iDashSites. iDashSites developed a user-friendly, attractive, and functional new real estate website for North Link specific to their agency’s needs, and we can surely create one for your agency, too.

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