Redefined Real Estate Case Study

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Anna Varrica


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Providing clients with no-nonsense real estate solutions, Redefined Real Estate has been delivering their true brand of dedicated service and client satisfaction, making them a favourite go-to agency for those who want to get started on their real estate journey. As end-to-end real estate advisors and negotiators, Redefined Real Estate is all about giving their clients the best outcomes all the time and every time.

With the desire to better promote their real estate expertise and services online, Redefined Real Estate commissioned iDashsites to develop a more responsive and intuitive website, as the previous one failed their business expectations which lacked any functional real estate integration, was difficult to update, and did not have the capability to add listings quickly or efficiently.

The client needed to have their new website up and running as fast as possible, and iDashsites took on the challenge. Despite the quick turnaround to have their new website live, the iDashsites team assured the client that it can be done without compromising the design, quality and functionality they desired.

As expected, iDashsites delivered on it’s promise by going above and beyond in providing flexibility and ensuring the new Redefined Real Estate website launched with the perfect look. Despite the rush to get the site running, iDashsites was able to provide numerous concepts to fully realise the real estate website the client dreamed of.

If you’re in need of saving from your current real estate website experience, we can help. With over 20 years experience designing, building and launching hundreds of websites, our real estate websites come packed with every feature you need, giving you more time to focus on the look you want to achieve and your content. So contact us today and take the first step towards real estate website enlightenment.

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