Recent Projects

One Group Realty

Meticulously designed to mirror the agency’s unique brand identity, this custom website emphasises One Group Realty’s unwavering commitment to swift property sales within the real estate market. The website not only engages visitors with its user-friendly interface but also embodies the agency’s dedication to innovation and efficiency in the industry.

This exciting project places a spotlight on the website’s strategic features geared toward expediting property sales. Intuitive navigation and a responsive design ensure a seamless user experience, perfectly aligning with One Group Realty’s mission to redefine real estate solutions.

Porter Estate Agents

The brief: craft a unique, sleek and sophisticated real estate website for Porter Estate Agents. Aiming for a clean and boutique ambience, the collaboration resulted in a visually stunning platform that seamlessly integrates dark colours and videography. The website not only captures attention but also immerses visitors in a refined and modern real estate experience.

The project’s core focus was on meticulous design elements, employing a palette of dark colours to convey sophistication. Dark videography further enhances the immersive website, aligning perfectly with Porter Estate Agents’ vision for a unique and compelling online presence. Explore the refined world of Porter Estate Agents on their new website, where chic design and cutting-edge technology converge to redefine the real estate experience.


We’re proud to present a chic and contemporary real estate website for JR/Landing, marking a successful collaboration that perfectly harmonises with their recently developed brand. JR/Landing, known for its modern identity, sought a platform that would seamlessly integrate with their refined aesthetics and deliver a unique online experience.

At the core of this project lies a meticulous design approach, where iDashsites worked closely with JR/Landing to ensure every visual element aligns cohesively with their brand’s chic ambience. The result is a visually striking and modern website that captivates visitors, providing a sophisticated online hub that redefines the standards of real estate presentation.

North Link Real Estate

North Link Real Estate, a boutique agency in Melbourne’s commercial area, partnered with iDashsites to enhance their online presence. Led by industry expert Rocco Raco, North Link specialises in real estate sales and commercial management, offering clients over 30 years of experience. iDashSites provided a comprehensive solution, including brand development, website design, and content creation.

The collaboration resulted in a customised website design tailored to North Link’s target market, showcasing their unique brand identity. The agency was highly satisfied with the process, appreciating the quick turnaround and positive feedback received.

Dream Land Property Group

Dream Land Property Group, a leading real estate agency specializing in land sales for Melbourne’s urban growth, faced challenges with their previous website, including hosting issues and property data display problems. Seeking a reliable and visually appealing solution, they partnered with iDashsites to create a custom website that effectively showcased their services.

iDashsites delivered a bespoke homepage, offering design flexibility and a fast turnaround to meet Dream Land Property Group’s requirements. The result was a reliable, visually captivating, and user-friendly website that exceeded expectations. With a seamless transition to the new website, Dream Land Property Group now enjoys increased engagement and client satisfaction.

Elders: Mick and Dave

With a focus on selling rural and land properties, Mick and Dave wanted a customized platform that highlighted their unique team approach. Working closely with iDashsites, they created a visually captivating and user-friendly website that showcases their expertise and commitment to exceptional service.

The website features intuitive navigation, comprehensive property listings, and captivating storytelling that emphasizes their collaborative work dynamic. Mick and Dave are delighted with the outcome, which positions them as trusted advisors in the market. Visit their new website to explore their impressive portfolio and experience their dedication and expertise firsthand.

ZLM Commercial Group

ZLM Commercial Group is a leading real estate agency specialising in commercial properties. Our mission was to craft a professional-looking website that accurately reflects their expertise and extensive services in the commercial real estate sector. Through meticulous design, we worked closely with ZLM Commercial Group to ensure the platform not only showcases their impressive portfolio but also radiates professionalism, offering clients a seamless and sophisticated online experience.

The newly unveiled website stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and ZLM Commercial Group’s dedication to professionalism in commercial real estate. It’s a digital space where sleek visuals and a user-friendly layout converge, providing clients and visitors with an immersive journey into the world of ZLM Commercial Group’s commercial properties and services.


In transforming the online presence of Statewide Commercial, iDashsites embarked on a collaborative journey to create a website that truly mirrors the essence of their expertise in commercial real estate. The objective was clear: develop a professional and visually captivating platform that aligns seamlessly with Statewide Commercial’s commitment to excellence.

Each element is thoughtfully curated to showcase the agency’s commercial properties and services with clarity and sophistication. This collaborative effort underscores iDashsites’ tailored approach and Statewide Commercial’s dedication to maintaining a professional edge in the digital landscape of commercial real estate.


Tasked with the challenge of bringing JWC’s specific design vision to life, our team embraced the opportunity to create a platform that is as unique as their brand. Through careful consideration of JWC’s design needs and goals, we delivered a custom website that exceeded their expectations, providing an online space that stands out in the competitive real estate landscape.

The heart of this project lies in the fusion of innovative design and precise execution. iDashsites worked closely with JWC, ensuring every element of the website reflects their brand identity. From the layout to the visuals, the result is an exceptionally unique website that not only captures attention but also elevates JWC’s online presence. This collaboration exemplifies iDashsites’ commitment to tailored solutions, where client-specific design aspirations come to life in a digital realm that truly sets JWC apart in the real estate industry.

Love It or Change It Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new website, so we’ve introduced our Love It or Change It Guarantee. If you’re not totally in love with the real estate website design you’ve chosen then we will change it to another design of your choice for free within 7 days of your new website going live.

Conditions apply, talk to us for full details.

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