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A website is essential in today’s real estate market, because a successful and loud online presence is critical to the success of your real estate business. Launching your website, and periodically refreshing it, is only half the task… you need to regularly churn out content to keep your audience engaged and updated. Not only does this help the perception that your agency are the experts when it comes to your market, but also helps show search engines, like Google, that you are the experts.

Why content marketing is important

Developing content such as blogs for your website can be easy at first, but it starts to become a challenge when you want to provide new and compelling materials. As mediums continue to evolve, so does customer and market behaviours that change rapidly, and keeping your website relevant needs to be a top-of-mind concern.

As an online marketer, a major link between you and your audience is your content. Keeping your real estate content engaging and interesting is what resonates and connects with your readers. Regular content creation can become a struggle, but with the right mindset, some minor planning, clear direction and strategy you can overcome these challenges.

Planning and strategising your content

This will sound corny and cliché, but when it comes to planning content, you need to think like your audience… be one with your audience! Work on a theme and concept for your content, basing it off market demographics and behaviours. An example of this might be if you specialise predominantly in house and land packages, you may want to tailor and target your content to first home buyers or investors, covering topics such as the latest government incentives for those market segments.

Becoming the subject-matter expert in your market will help you become more credible and reputable in your field of business, which satisfies search engines, helps drive traffic, engagement, leads and conversions.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to focus 100% on your niche or market. Consider peppering your weekly content with community related content, such as upcoming events, that product or food everyone is raving about, or feature a newly opened, or home run business. This will help pad out your real estate orientated content, while appealing to more of your audience on social media platforms.

Link your content

If you’re talking about a place, event, restaurant or even one of your current market properties, don’t forget to provide links so your readers and audience can find out more.

Real estate marketing ideas to help with your content marketing

Generating content ideas can sometimes be more difficult than generating the content itself, so we’ve put together a list of 44 content marketing ideas that you can use on your real estate website and social media accounts:

  1. Your perspective regarding the immediate future of the real estate industry and potential upcoming trends
  2. Feature one of your current properties
  3. Make a list of the top apps or websites that help people with their real estate needs, such as market research (don’t forget to link to those apps and websites!)
  4. Feature one of your most recent sales from the last 30 days that stood out from market expectations
  5. Write a blog post about the importance of having a real estate professional handle property sales and investments
  6. Conduct an interview with local developers on upcoming land releases for homes and businesses
  7. Look at recent purchases or sales by celebrities or high-profile individuals, either nearby or abroad
  8. List common real estate myths and debunk them
  9. Make a comparison of your real estate market with national trends and figures
  10. Make a list of the most expensive properties in your area, and why that have a higher price tag
  11. Make a summary of your best or popular blog posts regarding your local community
  12. List down some of the most popular restaurants in your area and make a short review of each establishment (this is a great one to get the entire team involved in)
  13. List down the best websites catering to your area; it doesn’t have to be about real estate either, it can be about professional careers, job sites, travel, dining, and/or recreation
  14. Give tips on how to save money or make a realistic budget to assist with saving for a house deposit
  15. Create the ultimate guide to all private and public schools in your area, including student numbers, state rankings and accessibility
  16. Take good quality photos of parks and recreational spots in your area and provide Google Map links to them
  17. Make a summary of the most affordable apartments or units you currently have on the market
  18. Make a feature list of up and coming business and other establishments that are popular with your target market
  19. Find out the best places to have brunch and provide map locations
  20. Profile one of your team members or sales agents, highlighting recent sales, achievements and community engagement
  21. Make an article about waterfront properties found in your area, touching on price points, sale values and how they stand out in the market
  22. Write about your views regarding the industry and how selling and buying experiences for consumers have changed over time
  23. Analyse the current market conditions
  24. List down local book authors and feature them in your articles
  25. Ask around for the best customer experiences in your area and write a feature about it, this could be about a business or an individual product (are we too late to talk about air fryers?)
  26. Develop an e-book for buyers and highlight properties that may appeal to your market
  27. List down local charities and provide details on how people can make donations or get involved
  28. Make a feature about some recent client testimonials, how you worked with them, and how happy they were with your service
  29. Find out about local and popular bloggers and offer an exchange deal such as featuring them in your blog and they, in turn, do a feature about you
  30. Take note of up-and-coming business and what job opportunities they might have for the local community
  31. Do a comparative analysis of old and new methods of ‘doing real estate’
  32. If you have window displays featuring your listings, discuss why your business still has these displays, and how it effects an internet-dominated market
  33. Make a feature about business movers of influencers in your area, interview them and highlight some of their success tips and ideas
  34. List down the best summer camps or adventure parks and highlight their features and amenities
  35. Write a blog about how technology has changed the real estate business landscape and explain how you provide value or a point-of-difference in the process
  36. Find unique architectural properties and highlight how they stand out in the market
  37. Make a summary of dental clinics in the area and provide map locations or links
  38. Provide tips and ideas regarding antique shops and highlight the best finds that avid collectors may come across
  39. Write a feature about popular and affordable health gyms, spas, wellness retreats, or yoga studios in your area
  40. An article about home styling tips based on trending designs and ideas
  41. Make a feature about historic homes, properties, homesteads or even castles in your area (yes, we have castles in Australia!)
  42. Write a story about ancestral or heritage properties and provide good quality pictures; you can also ask for nostalgic or old photographs of the structures and present old and new images side by side
  43. If you’re into video blogging, have your popular videos transcribed and converted into a written article or blog post
  44. Make a list of the best bakeries or ice cream parlours in your area, and feature their bestsellers and speciality products

Build, expand, cull, and dominate with content specific to your market

No doubt you may have looked at some of the ideas on our list and thought “that won’t work for us!”, and that’s OK, but hopefully this has got you thinking: what does work for our market? If you need more ideas, consider adding a 5-minute segment to your weekly sales or team meetings to see what ideas your team have, or what they have heard is going on in the community.

Did you know iDashsites can help you with not only content ideas, but actually having your content created and posted directly to your website? Get in touch with our team to discuss plans, content ideas, content frequency, and how content can help your real estate website rank better in search engines.

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